Friday, September 15, 2006

Member of the Episcopal Majority

Definitions -- this might help clarify things since I have found that these completely new meanings (not to be found in any dictionary) seem to work across denominational lines:

"Traditional" now means God is too stupid to understand the vernacular -- hence Anglicans who want Tudor language, Roman Catholics who want Latin, Orthodox who insist on Church Slavonic, etc.

"Conservative" means that women are sub-human ("monstrous births" according to St. Thomas Aquinas -- only occasionally true in my own experience) & this incapable of exercising leadership or receiving the grace of Holy Orders (thus rejecting my own understanding that "The priest is supposed to be like Jesus, not pee like Jesus")

"Orthodox" means that God hates fags (& you should, too!)

Now is all clear

Prior Aelred, from a posting in Fr. Jake Stops the World, 09.14.06

Prior Aelred belongs to St Gregory's Abbey in Three Rivers Michigan, and lives under the The Rule of St. Benedict.


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